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«Warm Steam baths Sunduki»

New steam baths made of Siberian pine! Fired exclusively by birch firewood! Spacious steam room set up to 6 people.  Steam room has talcum peach stove which can shed   soft and pleasant warmth similar to solar one - it contributes to immune system boost, normalizes metabolism. Steam room has a very soft and gentle steam. For those who prefer extreme temperature contrast could flip a bucket of cold water right over a head or even dive into fluffy snow bank! Such procedure cause flush of buoyancy. For clients who wants to get water relaxation, we have plunge tub with heating.

Steam bath has stand-alone territory with open terrace and special BBQ place!

For those who want to stay overnight, second floor has cozy 6-bed room with all modern amenities, kitchenware, kettle, TV, bathroom. Lounge room has a water pitcher filled with well-water for our guests!


with plunge tub
Mon-Fri – 1 500 RUB/hour (6 persons)
Sat-Sun – 1 900 RUB/hour (6 persons) (slippers + sheets)
1000 RUB plunge tub
for the whole stay.
+500 RUB for extra person
for the whole stay.
* auxillary service:
Steam master, massage, soaking, nosy tea.
with plunge tub
Mon-Fri – 1 500 RUB/hour (6 persons)
Sat-Sun – 1 900 RUB/hour (6 persons) (slippers + sheets)
1000 RUB plunge tub
for the whole stay.
+500 RUB for extra person
or the whole stay.
* auxillary service:
Steam master, massage, soaking, nosy tea.


Lounge room
(second floor)

Roomy lounge room


Lounge room has all amenities - kettle, kitchenware, TV, Karaoke, Wi-Fi.

Mon-Sun – 2 000 руб.RUB
for all time stay in steam bath
Rent a house
(6 beds)

Rent a house includes: steam bath with plunge tub, outdoors grill, second floor room.

Mon-Sun – 13 000 RUB/24h.
+ 1000 for extra person. Maximum capacity is 8 persons

for steam bath

300 RUB

Steaming with an oak whisk has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the blood pressure increase, calms nervous system.

250 RUB

It has a very soft but deep effect, cleans the skin well, removes toxins from the body, recover kindneys, revive spirits.

Quaking aspen
300 RUB

Providing a great benefits for your body. As a medicine, it is very rich in volatile oils. Twigs and leaves contain a large number of tannins. It provides excellent assistance for persistent wounds. Relief rheumatism. Help prevent or eradicate gout attacks.

250 RUB

While soaking, fir oil penetrates the pores and contributes to the cure of many skin diseases. Volatile oils help to relief the respiratory system issues.

Steam bath accessories:
100 RUB
100 RUB
50 RUB
100 RUB
Shower gel
100 RUB
100 RUB
100 RUB
Bath pouf
150 RUB
Soaked herbs
100 RUB
100 RUB/ 10 PCS
Grill gate
100 RUB
Nosy herb tea:
Rejuvenate tea – (950 ml.) (mint, thyme, pigweed, raspberry leaves, currant leaves, jasmine, earl gray, milky oolong)
250 RUB
Revitalizing tea – (950 ml.) (earl gray, thyme)
250 RUB

Additional services

Steam master procedures
(Prior registration is required)
Professional steam master can sweat out 1-3 persons per hour
Classic (constrast steaming)
1400 RUB/hour
(Prior registration is required)
Full-body massage
1 600 RUB/hour
Gift voucher
You could purchase gift vouchers for visiting the steam bath complex

Permanent specials

10% Discount
During Birthday


Thanks a lot! Whisks are awesome, steam too! Really enjoyed.
Guests from Novosibirsk
wrote in guestbook in 02.05.18

We visited you on May 1, because Grandson has a birthday. The beauty is indescribable. Everything is just great, now we will advise your steam bath to everyone we know. Of course, we have a rest in Thailand every year and just arrived, but this is unique, very good, even reluctant to leave. The cottage is just awesome. I hope that we will now be your regular customers.

Best regards, Mazirchuk family and others
wrote in guestbook in May 1, 2018
I want to thank you for such a wonderful reception. Special thanks to your cleaner. Perfectly clean, even the glassware is crystal clean. I feel very comfortable here, it's very beautiful. I spent the most wonderful birthday. Thanks also to my beloved husband for finding you.
Usoltseva Irina
wrote in guestbook in 27.04.17

It's very cool in Sunduki steam bath!

Main advantages:



-hot steam

-plunge tub!

We wish your company lots of satisfied customers and rapid development! Thank you!

Anonymous user
wrote in guestbook in April 2, 2017
Good day. !!! We had a family rest with kids. Everything is just great !!! Steam is awesome, everything is clean. cozy. Oh, and the plunge tub is a smash at all) we will arrive again !!! keep it up !!!!
Anonymous user
wrote in guestbook in March 18 in 20:50
We were for the first time in your steam bath. I liked everything very much, only the tub was chilly. So very cozy, like home. The service is great! Be sure to come again and more than once! Thanks!
Vyacheslav, Yekaterina
wrote in guestbook in March, 8
Everything is awesome, sincere, comfortable! Thanks for all! Will come again!
Anonymous user
wrote in guestbook in February, 19
Bath is just epic! And steam and shower and the area around! Everything is clean, beautiful, cozy! We had a great time, we will come again with pleasure!
Anonymous user
wrote in guestbook in February, 18
Loved the new, clean bath! Thanks a lot!
wrote in guestbook in February, 18
Everything is cool! Thanks for bath and service!
Timofeev A.V.
wrote in guestbook in 14.02.2017
Very comfortable, homely and cozy! Thank you for your work! For the desire to bring people health and warmth!
Anonymous user
wrote in guestbook in 05.02.2017
The bathhouse is great! Light! Russian! The pool is superb! Be sure to come again.
нwrote in guestbook in 06.01.2017
Immediately I say that everything is wonderful here, the rest was a success !!! This is love at first sight.
Anonymous user
wrote in guestbook in 06.01.2017
I really liked it! Rest for real! Very warm in the bath and it was fun to run into the tub. I may come again, because I am from Omsk.
Anonymous user
wrote in guestbook in 05.01.2017
Awesome rested! The font is something, the whole company pulled me out of it, be sure to check it out! I will come again!
wrote in guestbook in 04.01.2017
Bath really liked! Thank you very much!!! Come again!
wrote in guestbook in 03.01.2017
Thank you for a cozy corner on Bazaikha - steam bath Sunduki, Natalia and Konstantin. We all liked it. comfortable houses, all the conditions for a good company. The smell of clean air, gentle steam. Will definitely return again. In the summer.
Anonymous user
wrote in guestbook in 02.01.2017
The bath is made with love. Nice to steam. All at the highest level, which also warms the soul. Flip flops would be more convenient. I recommend instead of slippers it's better to use disposable flipflops. It is much more hygienic and more convenient. Thank you for the bath. Listen to my recommendation.
Vasilieva A.G.
wrote in guestbook in24.12.2016
We want to say thanks to the "Sunduki" Warm Bathhouses for the organization, comfort and homely atmosphere. It provides everything for a pleasant stay! Thank you so much for an unforgettable weekend! I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you!
Ionidi family
wrote in guestbook in14.12.2016
Came to the bath for the second time with the family! All perfect! Always clean and staff happy to see us always! We will come again and advise everyone. ENJOY YOUR STEAM!
Anonymous user
wrote in guestbook in


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